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"Unlock Excellence: SJS Farm offers a spectrum of superior services, from Chicks and Egg Supply to Cutting-edge Farm Equipment. Elevate your farming journey with our commitment to quality and sustainability."

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SJS Farm is your one-stop poultry partner, offering superior chicks, fresh eggs, quality bird feed, advanced farm equipment, and a cutting-edge Layer Breeder Farm and Hatchery. We're committed to providing holistic support for your poultry venture, ensuring top-notch products, personalized guidance, and sustainable practices. Choose SJS Farm for excellence in every aspect of poultry farming.

01 Chicks Supplier

SJS Farm, a distinguished Chicks Supplier in Sri Lanka, leads the poultry industry with an unwavering commitment to excellence and ethical practices. Our journey begins with a meticulous breeding program, focusing on superior genetic traits, vitality, and disease resistance. Expert guidance ensures optimal breeding conditions and the well-being of our flocks.

Beyond genetics, we prioritize customer support, offering insights and assistance to meet the unique challenges faced by poultry farmers. Our logistics and transportation systems guarantee stress-free chick transit, emphasizing the interconnection between chick health and client success.

SJS Farm embraces sustainability, aligning our practices with environmental responsibility. Our specialized feeds cater to diverse poultry needs, delivering customized solutions for broilers, layers, and specialty breeds. The legacy of SJS Farm as a Chicks Supplier is built on innovation and a profound dedication to the poultry industry's prosperity.

More than suppliers, we are partners, empowering farmers with knowledge, high-quality chicks, and a commitment to sustainable and thriving poultry farming in Sri Lanka. SJS Farm stands as a beacon in the industry, fostering growth, resilience, and success for every poultry venture we touch.

02 Egg Supplier

As a prominent Egg Supplier, SJS Farm takes pride in delivering fresh, nutrient-rich eggs, redefining quality and sustainability in Sri Lanka's agricultural landscape. Our commitment extends from ethical farming practices to prioritizing the well-being of our laying hens.

At SJS Farm, we maintain state-of-the-art facilities where our hens are provided with optimal living conditions, ensuring their health and contentment. The result is a consistent supply of premium eggs that meet the highest industry standards.

Our emphasis on sustainability echoes through responsible sourcing and environmentally friendly practices, contributing positively to the communities we serve. The journey from our farms to your table is marked by a dedication to freshness, quality, and ethical production.

Choosing SJS Farm as your Egg Supplier means selecting eggs that embody not just nutritional excellence but also a commitment to ethical and sustainable farming practices. We are not merely suppliers; we are partners in fostering a healthier, more sustainable future through every egg we provide.

03 Bird Feed Supplier

SJS Farm stands as a leading Bird Feed Supplier, pioneering excellence in Sri Lanka's poultry industry. Our commitment is rooted in providing superior nutrition to support the health and growth of poultry across the country. We meticulously craft our bird feed with high-quality grains, proteins, and essential nutrients sourced responsibly.

At SJS Farm, sustainability is ingrained in our practices, from ethical ingredient sourcing to environmentally friendly production methods. Our state-of-the-art facilities ensure the uniform blending of ingredients, delivering consistently high-quality feed. Customization is a key strength, with specialized feeds tailored to meet the unique needs of various poultry breeds.

Choosing SJS Farm as your Bird Feed Supplier means aligning with a company dedicated to not only providing top-notch products but also empowering farmers with knowledge and support. We go beyond being suppliers; we are committed partners in promoting healthy, sustainable, and thriving poultry farming practices throughout Sri Lanka.

04 Farm Equipment Supply

SJS Farm takes pride in being a trusted Farm Equipment Supplier, contributing to the success and efficiency of agricultural operations across Sri Lanka. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond providing reliable tools; we serve as partners in the agricultural journey, supporting farmers with innovative and advanced equipment.

As a Farm Equipment Supplier, we understand the pivotal role that well-maintained and modern tools play in enhancing farm productivity. Our comprehensive range includes cutting-edge machinery, from plows and tractors to irrigation systems, all designed to meet the diverse needs of farmers.

At SJS Farm, we prioritize quality, durability, and sustainability in our equipment selection. Our products undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet industry standards and deliver optimum performance in the field. We recognize that successful farming goes hand in hand with efficient and reliable equipment.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction goes beyond delivering top-notch products. SJS Farm provides ongoing support and guidance, helping farmers choose the right equipment for their specific needs and offering insights into maintenance and optimal usage.

By choosing SJS Farm as your Farm Equipment Supplier, you gain access to a reliable partner dedicated to the success and advancement of agriculture in Sri Lanka. We envision a future where innovative farm equipment transforms traditional practices, fostering sustainable and prosperous farming communities.

05 Layer Breeder Farm & Hatchery

06 Import Feed Raw Material